About Us

PT Bullets was created with you and your lifestyle in mind. Founded in 2021 by lifelong outdoors enthusiast Jerry Walkowiak, we pride ourselves on being independently owned and operated, with a focus on unmatched quality and quick shipping.

Headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, PT Bullets is made up of decades of hunting and shooting expertise. Owner and founder Jerry Walkowiak has been a passionate hunter and shooter since his early teens, and boasts a large collection of firearms to support his interest. He began been hand reloading years ago, and started PT Bullets to share his locally made products with other outdoorsmen. Jerry Walkowiak also owns Primetime Fishing Charters, taking fisherman of all ages on the trip of a lifetime in the East Grand Traverse Bay.

Our products speak for themselves. We invite you to try our products on your next trip to the shooting range, or use our quality buckshot this hunting season. We’re excited to share our passion for ammunition with you! The benefits are no fouling, less smoke, costs are almost half of standard projectiles. Lower cost means more fun and practice at the range. With our bullets you will also get more velocity with less powder than the jacketed bullets. Less powder means more savings. Especially with the cost of components now a days. We take pride in our our bullets with top quality. Thanks for supporting our small family business. We will continue to provide you with a quality product with affordable pricing. Please leave us a 5 star review. If you have any concerns we will make it right. Do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions on our products. We will share any information we can to make your range time a pleasant one.

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Jerry Walkowiak, owner and founder of PT Bullets
Jerry Walkowiak, Owner & Founder of PT Bullets